The challenges of reality are diverse and complex. Each of them is an opportunity for businesses to flourish that will provide the necessary solutions. AZTech Ventures is an organization that seeks capital to finance projects and transform them into solutions . The CREATIVITY is essential at this stage and at AZTech Ventures we give you all the opportunities you need to convert the concepts into PROTOTYPES that materialize solutions based on technology and useful for social actors. That is why the "laboratory" is a stage in the total process. The PROTOTYPE requires a VALIDATION of the actual users. It is a process of enhancement and improvement of the product through iteration PROTOTYPE-VALIDATION-PROTOTYPE . This iteration leads to an innovative product and a social or business model that by replication achieves its local and even international ESCALATION .

Unlike traditional investment promoting companies seeking to maximize short-term profit, AZTech Ventures' focus is HIGH IMPACT solutions to critical problems of our reality . The financing of private projects and of civil society organizations, for profit and non for profit, is the methodology that allows the most diverse activities to flourish in any social and economic environment. This diversity facilitates the democratization of societies, the fairer distribution of income and the deconcentration of political and economic power. That is why our goal is to BUILD BUSINESSES in MEXICO for the WORLD, convinced that it is the best way to overcome our limitations.

Our action







  • We prioritize the search for new talents.
  • We integrate your work with international collaborators.
  • We have international collaborators in critical areas of technological development.
  • We are looking for people from social sectors with high collaborative capacity.
  • We promote the autonomy and self-management of the group in charge of each project or subproject.
  • Our projects are adjusted to different models of team work, both private management models and managerial leadership as well as solidarity projects of civil management and social leadership.


Areas of Interest

  • Financial ecosystem
    • Financial inclusion
    • Technology
    • Model


  • BANK-ZERO is a fully online and end-to-end solution which provides efficiency , quality and low cost of traditional and innovative banking services.
  • Organizational Development
    • Automated diagnosis
    • Career plan
    • Organizational intervention
  • ORGANIZATIONAL RESOURCES INVENTORY is a product of AZTech Ventures that allows to know the state of the organization through an accurate diagnosis and to generate a career plan for each of its members.
  • Clean and healthy mobility
    • Help, support and advice
    • Promotion and education
    • Contents, information and organization
  • HOW DO YOU GO? technology, information and support for all the inhabitants of this city to use sustainable transport alternatives.